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Bill Carmody asked 72 CEOs for their advice in 140 characters and, upon further analysis, discovered 10 categories of behaviors that were consistent against all the answers he got back.




Preventing Marketing Mistakes – Tips And Strategies On How To Avoid Them

You may think that marketing mistakes are generally isolated and specific to one type of marketing or another. It’s a good idea to study up on the various mistakes businesses have made over the years. These mistakes are often based on erroneous thinking and they really do span across the spectrum of methods. Every type of business is prone to falling into certain traps that can cause them to fall apart if they’re not careful. Making mistakes is normal and nothing to be ashamed of -what’s critical is that you’re alert to them so you don’t keep repeating them. Most mistakes, such as the ones we’ll be covering below, are quite easy to avoid once you’re familiar with them.

You might think that you are doing the right thing until you find out that this is not the case. Case in point is the use of coupon codes and how you program them into your payment process. Sometimes you will come across a code that has an ordering process where you enter the code last. What some businesses want is to apply the discount after you pay the full price. Unfortunately, there are many companies that do these sorts of things. Some people might fall for this, but a majority of people will not. Place your coupon codes into the right spot and then come up with the right discounted price.

It is good doing business with people who speak all sorts of languages. When doing business with the Spanish speaking markets, the possibilities are endless. So, you will have the desire to sell them different products. But, remember that you should never use software translators.

You know the software that you can use to translate another language that is on your website. But, this is not good translation software. However, this is something that is good to have, but the technology has not been successful as of yet. Hire a pro to translate these languages and not get bad translation software.

Your marketing cannot depend on the actions of your target audience. Most people require a certain amount of wooing before they actually buy anything from you. There is a line you should not cross, and you don’t want to be too aggressive about it. Remember that most people don’t make decisions easily. Someone who doesn’t buy from you right away might not have dismissed your offer -he or she might have decided to “think about it.” No matter how you’re contacting people, you should consider following up an essential part of your marketing system. Don’t be afraid to give your prospect or lead a little nudge to keep the momentum going. Some businesses start to lose perspective when they start experiencing success and begin to expand. Make sure you show your customers the same amount of consideration regardless of how successful you become. No matter what stage your business is at right now, keep a close watch on what is and isn’t working for you. This is a tough one to call because we’re all different. If you tend to ignore certain parts of your business, these are the areas where mistakes are most likely to happen.

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